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Big island, Big dreams

I've been writing and styling for glossy magazines and newspapers for 20-ish years. I'm not gonna lie, I've walked the halls of some pretty swanky publishing houses from Grazia to Marie Claire and The Daily Telegraph (more career nitty gritty in my bio). I've travelled on sea planes to remote islands to direct beauty shoots, hustled my way backstage during fashion week to report on the latest hair and makeup trends and written a gazillion health & beauty articles on everything from wrinkles to weight loss, each time learning something life altering from someone inspiring.  I'm totally blessed. How did I land this gig? TRUST. A small town girl who grew up on a big island (Vancouver Island) with giant dreams to work on a glossy magazine, I listened to my gut and followed it all the way...even when I got rejected, even when I felt like giving up. These days, I work from home as a freelance lifestyle writer. My Telegraph column 'Just Young Enough' pretty much sums me up. Because, from makeup to meditation, when you do just enough of the little things there's a kind of effortless balance that occurs, a sweet spot of health & happiness; and this website is dedicated to sharing the best of those lessons with YOUsomething I call HACKS with HEART. 



what I believe in: the smart formula

what I believe

"Living a beautiful life is not about being the prettiest or youngest. It's about being smart; by knowing who you are at your core and leveraging your best qualities. When you buy, wear or experience things that make you feel like a better version of who you already are, that's when you're killing it! " 

smart ageing

'Here's what I know for sure: YOUTH has nothing to do with AGE. It's the sparkle in your eye, the love in your heart and the way you hold yourself. After that, all you need is a few tiny tweaks from the cut of your hair to the length of your hem, and you'll

feel amazing at every age.'

smart body & soul

 Healthy v Healthful:

You cannot chia seed your way to body confidence. Feed your soul, move your body, nourish with nutrition and laugh A LOT...then you will feel full of health harmony and happiness 

smart shopping

'The list is an evolving role call of SMART products that have changed my game, and I hope they change yours too. New old, on-trend, off-trend...the ONLY products listed here are the ones I use to the very last drop.'

smart style 

"It's the details that reflect who you are: A ruffled sleeve, the just-so cut of a jacket, a cheeky splash of embellishment. Smart style is about balancing the basics with a few subtle flourishes that represent your personality. It's not how fancy your labels are, the secret lies in how tight you edit and how hard you hustle what you've got." 


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